• Remove cap and invert pen.

• Rub pen nib several times on Federal Reserve Seal which is located on the left side of bill front.

• The fake bill may begin to deteriorate.

What Is Counterfeit Pen And How Does It Work?

These days, fake money seems to be increasing and are being passed over to retail counters and in several  money transactions without any problem because also of one reason and this reason is just  because the majority doesn’t have enough knowledge on how to identify counterfeit over the  original ones until they were scanned by the bank. Therefore, knowing how to identify or spot if the money is fake or not is a skill that every counter handler should know, especially knowing if the money is not made from wood pulp and not just a copy one.

However, because of the increasing number of counterfeit money nowadays, there is one alternative solution to have and that is no other than using anti-counterfeiting tools-the counterfeit pen.  Relying with the use of this pen can be a great help also, in not only detecting counterfeit currency but also can also help many retail stores out there.

What is a counterfeit pen?

If you are still curious about what this pen is, then read on to get more information.

A counterfeit pen is simply a cheap but very effective device that is specifically made to determine the type of paper used to make counterfeit money and to tell if a currency is fake or the original one. This kind of pen contains a solution of iodine ink as ink in most common terms and when drawn over a genuine bill, it will remain brown or amber and if the ink turns into black, then the currency is not the real one but a counterfeit only.

How does Counterfeit Pen Effectively works?  

The pen serves only just a single purpose and that is to tell the types of paper used in one specific currency. It is also very important to know about how the pen effectively works.

As what was mentioned before, the pen contains ink solution that can detect starch in a fake paper bill. In several countries like in the US, real paper money is not drawn with starch in the said manner as that of the standard paper. Therefore, it contains either no starch or a little bit only.  When the ink of the pen is drawn or applied to US paper money, it will do two things, either it will react or not in the paper money. If there is no starch present in the paper bill, then it tells that the paper currency is real but if the ink over the tested area of paper money turns into deep blue- black color, then this is a counterfeit, which is not from wood pulp or standard currency paper.

Moreover, the ink used in this kind of pen is a mix of different solvents and one of these solvents is iodine, which is specifically responsible for identifying the counterfeit paper money over the legitimate one. The pen checks the paper that paper bill is made of either a fake paper or an original one. However, you should know that as long there has been transaction of money, counterfeit cannot still be avoided. Therefore, in order to help and keep your retail store and other businesses away from fake money, get one of the counterfeit pens now. However, bear in mind that this pen will only tell or determine if the paper bill is made from wood pulp or not.
Checking For Counterfeit Bills Using a Counterfeit Pen and Detector

“Money makes the world go round” – this is absolutely true, that is why there are some people out there who take advantage of it but in a wrong way. Counterfeit money is a continuously growing pain in the neck for public, financial institutions, businesses and retailers alike. Almost every single day all over the world, there are new stories of fraudsters passing counterfeit bills right at bars, shops, restaurants, and in every corner of the streets. Stopping this kind of scam seems hard to do but we can do something about it to protect ourselves from being a victim of it. There are already counterfeit pen and counterfeit money detector tools that can make it much easier for us to do successful counterfeit money detection.

Knowing how to identify a fake currency is a special skill that all cash handlers out there must know to save their tears as well as their hard-earned money. Aside from that, if it was proven that you have counterfeit money, the federal law will punish you with a certain fine plus imprisonment and we don’t want that to happen to us, especially if we are a victim too. The advanced and modern technology has not only brought us conveniences and ease of life because it has also brought some major problems in the world now like online scams, malware and counterfeit money.

Counterfeit money detection is the only way to stop the widespread of fake money and the public is the first defense against this kind of problem. Our economy is quite declining now and if counterfeit money will add to the burden then it will really be doomed sometime soon. With the many advances in laser printing technology and desktop publishing, creating fake moneys is just becoming simpler and easier, thus, resulting to counterfeit bills becoming more accessible to a very large number of bad people who are all willing to risk imprisonment for just a few dollars.

Make some possible actions to protect yourself and your business now from the bad guys who produce counterfeit money. Don’t be a victim. With the help of the modern technology that we have now in the 21st century, we can prevent the worse things from happening. Counterfeit money detection is now very possible with just the help of a counterfeit pen and other counterfeit money detector tools that you can easily find in the market. One of the most effective counterfeit pens that you can find right there is the counterfeit buster and suing it will never be a hassle or a waste of time to you because it is very use to use, tests for counterfeit inks, detects washed or bleached cash effectively, damages or smears fake bills, tests up to 4000 bills and breaks through different counterfeit coatings.

If we want to make a change and eliminate the bad things that may harm or bring harm and misery to us and to our family, we must do something to stop it from spreading. Counterfeit money detection is a very simple thing that we can do but it will have a very big impact in the society, in the country and in the global economy. ​
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• If bill being treated is counterfeit, the ink of the seal will smear immediately.